Culture Republick Pistachio & Salted Caramel pint package art by Teri Kaplan

Teri Kaplan is a creative content director based in NYC. Born in South Africa, Teri has been painting ever since she could hold a brush. Art and color have always been part of her life, and she draws inspiration constantly from her surroundings. We quickly fell in love with her paintings for all their layers of color, emotion, and hidden stories. As an incredibly warm-hearted and thoughtful person, Teri was a joy to work with for this piece.

Teri Kaplan standing up holding artwork

How does your flavor inspire your pack design?

“Pistachios have quite a complex spectrum of colors and I tried to use that color palette to inspire my design. In my medium of painting, texture came into play and I tried to mimic the motion of scooping with your spoon.
Fun Fact: While unseen to the viewer, the first layer of this piece is a rich mauve color, drawing inspiration from the purple tones inside the shell of a pistachio.”

Why does Culture Republick appeal to you?

“I love the idea of an ice cream being good for you and helping others too. Health is wealth, but everyone has a sweet tooth. Why not treat yourself without the guilt? Plus, you get to help local communities to expand their creativity.”

Teri Kaplan paint and brushes next to canvas