Sarah is a contemporary illustrator and graphic designer based in Brooklyn. As someone who loves patterns, her unique geometric shapes, sometimes kaleidoscopic-esque, are composed organically by incorporating multiple layers and components to her motifs. A fan of vibrant, bold colors and a practitioner of cubism, Sarah sometimes draws inspiration from the smallest of details in textiles. Through her multi-layered designs, she invites several ways for the viewer to jump in and explore her artwork. For this project, we loved how her organically-formed shapes compliment the stacking of spices & flavors in Turmeric Chai & Cinnamon.

Sarah Dewlin eating ice cream

How does your flavor inspire your pack design?

“I work very gesturally and geometrically, with natural edges and organic imperfections. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be you. I love patterns, there is something about them that is meditative. I love looking at textiles, getting inspired from the little details throughout. There’s something more freeing to do things that are organic because you can make a mistake, and it’s not a mistake – it’s just change. Turmeric Chai and Cinnamon was a serendipitous fit. The vibrant turmeric color and the organic nature of the ingredients allowed me to do what I do best.”

Why does Culture Republick appeal to you?

Good for you ingredients with a give back to the arts community – what a special brand! I love the concept of bringing a wink of art into people’s homes, such a little surprise to see a little bit of beauty in an unexpected place.

Sarah Dewlin drawing with markers