Culture Republick Cold Brew & Chocolate Chip light ice cream pint

Paulina Ho is California-born, Texas-raised, and now based on NYC. The diversity of her experiences & her interests marry perfectly with her specialty of lettering & illustration. She carries a broad range of work. But what we love most are her layered illustrations, where she incorporates a wide spectrum of images & symbols, leaving it to the viewer to connect them & create more meaning. Paulina’s fresh & quirky perspective made working with her a lot of fun (plus a random bonding experience over anime).

Paulina Ho mixing paint next to pint package art

What intrigued you about your flavor?

“Coffee can be fuel, an addiction, a reward, a ritual, and potentially sexy all at the same time?? Happy to work with a flavor that so many people have an ongoing relationship with. Similar to the effects of a good caffeinated beverage, I wanted to keep the art lively! It’s a little all over the place, and there’s small illustrations and discoveries to hopefully keep the viewer interested.”

Why does Culture Republick appeal to you?

“It’s art, ice cream, and a means of trying to give back to the world somehow. I’m also personally on a journey to find the best ice cream for as long as I live, so this is very, very, very exciting to be a part of.”

Paulina Ho artwork on her desk