Culture Republick Chocolate & Cherry light ice cream pint

Hawnuh is a UX / UI designer & illustrator based in Portland. Her unique layered patterns & illustration work immediate caught our eye. And we loved working with her & learning more about her narrative process. She creates cohesive visual stories by breaking elements of a piece down into designs, textures, & tones. Through constantly challenging herself, she’s able to pull several disciplines into her work – from ink & stamps to digital manipulation. And we couldn’t be happier with how this piece turned out.

Hawnuh Lee stamping hand prints on paper

How does your flavor inspire your pack design?

“How can I take color & texture & layer them on top of each other to create something that is indicative of the flavor? So, it’s pulling inspiration from mouth feel, the shininess of cherries, or the subtle browns of chocolate. I loved this idea of ‘mind over melt’ – that moment when you’re eating ice cream that’s in between a state of frozen and melted, the sweet spot. I thought the warm and cool tones of the flavor would make for an awesome contrasting pattern.”

Why does Culture Republick appeal to you?

“Using ice cream to create awareness around unconventional art feels fun and experimental. It’s a unique way to connect with a larger audience.”

Hawnuh Lee drawing in sketch pad