Fiona is a visual artist based in Brooklyn, who uses lines & forms to express herself & interpret the world around her. Her style pulls inspiration from graffiti writing, where she took interest in the embellishment & marks around text & lettering. She’s been obsessively drawing with her signature style since 2001 & jokes she is, “what happens if you begin doodling as a child & never stop.”

Fun fact: Fiona’s favorite ice cream flavor is actually Matcha (not joking).

Fiona Chinkan showing artwork

How does your flavor inspire your pack design?

“I use a variety of different inks and paints when creating my drawings, but I felt watercolor would convey the depth and breadth of the different greens found naturally in matcha. I purposefully used a lot of directional line work to create a movement of energy around the page since matcha is a natural energy/mood booster.”

Why does Culture Republick appeal to you?

“As someone who has an auto-immune disease (spondylitis), gut health is super important to me. But of course, I want to enjoy treats every once in a while as well! So when I heard this ice cream has probiotics in it, I was excited to try it out.”

Fiona Chinkan drawing with markers