We love culture.

It’s what connects us & makes us who we are. So, our mission is to spread culture everywhere we can, both inside & out. We also have an obsession with ice cream. So why not bring our passions together?
And we did, by creating a range of light ice cream with probiotics that support your microbiome. And beyond delicious ice cream, our ambition is to use our brand as a vehicle for others. Each of our packs are designed by emerging artists. And 10% of our profits will support the Arts in local communities.
So now, you can enjoy a scoop of culture, while supporting culture.

Power to Probiotics

Did you know the human body has more microbial cells than human cells? Together they make up an ecosystem in your gut that is part of your microbiome, which links to normal body function. Probiotics are typically considered the “good” bacteria that help support the microbiome. Each pint of Culture Republick light ice cream contains 3 Billion live cultures, so you can feed your sweet tooth while helping to support your microbiome!
While probiotics have been prevalent in supplements or in foods like yogurt and kombucha, we are thrilled to have found a way to bring live probiotic cultures to our Light Ice Cream. You can learn about our process here.
Ask your doctor if you have questions about whether probiotics are right for you.

In support of culture

We’re putting our money where our mouth is by committing 10% of our profits to support local arts culture. All of our charitable donations are made possible via the Unilever Foundation. That’s how serious we are about spreading culture.

Culture Republick comits 10% of profits to support local arts culture

Good Tastes Unite Here

Fiona Chinkan smiling
Spray paint cans
Paint brushes
Artist painting on canvas
Jason Naylor with hands on his hips
Fiona Chinkan drawing with markers