What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are typically considered the “good” bacteria that help support the microbiome. Your Microbiome is the ecosystem made up of microbial cells and human cells, and it’s part of normal body function. Probiotics are naturally occurring in some foods and drinks, like yogurt and kombucha. Ask your doctor if you have questions about whether probiotics are right for you.

How many probiotics/live and active cultures are in each pint of Culture Republick?

Each pint of our light ice cream contains 3 Billion live cultures, also known as colony forming units (CFUs).

How do you keep the Probiotic Cultures alive in the Ice Cream?

It is very difficult to keep probiotics alive throughout the pasteurization and freezing processes needed to make Ice Cream. Fortunately, we figured out we could use Probiotics that are in a protective “spore” state. This just means they are dormant, but encased in a shell that protects them against harsh conditions (such as the freezer). Similar to seeds that survive the winter & grow in the spring, our probiotic cultures shed their spore state & become active when the conditions are just right – like in your gut!

What Probiotic strain does Culture Republick use?

We use a patented strain called GanedenBC30®, seen in our ingredient label as BACILLUS COAGULANS GBI-30 6086. While probiotics can be grouped by similar traits or functions, each strain is unique. To find more about GanedenBC30, visit their site here.

GanedenBC30® and the GanedenBC30 logo are registered trademarks of Ganeden, Inc.

Do Probiotics affect the taste of ice cream?

Nope! Probiotics are small but mighty, so 3 Billion live cultures can fit in at less than .1% of the pint, so they don’t affect taste or texture at all!


Are Culture Republick products kosher?

All Culture Republick products are certified kosher.

Does Culture Republick use Non-GMO sourced ingredients?

Yes. We use non-GMO ingredients where possible. However, our products are not completely non-GMO. Some ingredients are difficult to fully vet for Non-GMO standards. We use a third party called Where Food Comes From to verify our ingredients. On both our packs & our product pages, we’ve highlighted which ingredients are verified as non-GMO.

Are there any artificial Sweeteners in Culture Republick?

None of Culture Republick light ice cream and non-dairy desserts are made with artificial sweeteners. We use only 100% natural Fair Trade sugar.

What is monoglyceride?

Monoglyceride is a natural emulsifier, its purpose is to stabilizes the structure of our delicious light ice cream and prevent the growth of ice crystals while it travels in freezers on its way to you! It is commonly used in bakery, confectionary frozen desserts, etc. Our Monoglyceride is derived from natural sources like vegetable oils.

Why do you use Vegetable gums like Guar & Carob bean?

When making Light Ice Cream, we add vegetable gums because they help to produce a smooth and creamy texture. Vegetable gums like Guar and Carob bean help to do this, as their fiber increases the viscosity of the ice cream. And since they are obtained solely from plants and are a naturally derived option, we found them to be excellent ingredients for our Light Ice Cream.

Are Culture Republick products gluten free? Do they contain other allergens?

Some of our products do contain allergens, including nuts and gluten, primarily as chunk inclusions, like pistachios or graham cracker. Check out our ingredient statement on pack for exact details.

How does Culture Republick control & manage allergens?

When making our products, safety is our first and foremost priority. Culture Republick follows a very rigorous Allergen Quality Control Plan for the storage and handling of all allergens to ensure that our product contains no unlabeled allergens. Any product that contains an allergen will have said allergen disclosed on pack.

What do natural flavors in Culture Republick products mean?

Most of the natural flavors included in Culture Republick products are comprised of ingredients such as fruit juices, fruit concentrates, essential oils, and extracts, varying by flavor. Most of the exact ingredients are considered to be proprietary information by our vendor-partners. But they all meet the FDA’s definition of natural flavor which contain no allergens or unnatural ingredients. If any allergens are present, it will be labeled in the ingredient statement on the product.

Do Culture Republick products contain high-fructose corn syrup?

No, we believe in making light ice cream without high-fructose corn syrup.

Are the milk and cream pasteurized?

Yes – all individual ingredients we use like milk & cream are pasteurized. Products are pasteurized in the beginning stages of production and are safe for everyone to enjoy.

How do you get over 15g of Protein per pint in Culture Republick products?

We add Milk Protein Concentrate, which is a concentrated milk product that is made up of at least 40% of protein by weight.


Is Culture Republick a Frozen Yogurt?

Nope. Everything we make is genuine Light Ice Cream. We chose this foundation for our dairy products because the texture & flavor of light ice cream works beautifully with the flavors we designed.

What is a Light Ice Cream? How is it different than regular Ice cream?

All our products are made with high quality ingredients – like Grade A skim milk, fresh cream, and real cane sugar. What makes our Ice cream light is having less fat & calories than regular ice cream. According to the FDA, in order for a product to be labeled light ice cream, it needs to meet either of two key requirements:

  • Contains at least 50 percent less total fat than the national average of brands for the same flavor
  • Contains at least 33 percent calories than the national average of brands for the same flavor

Are there non-diary Culture Republick products?

There will be soon! We’re currently finalizing some incredible non-dairy frozen dessert recipes, which will be available early next year. Sign up here to be the first to get the scoop.


What is Turmeric?

Turmeric is a plant derived spice that is very common in cuisines around the world. For example, it is a major ingredient in curry powder, and it’s the active color ingredient in mustard. We think it’s delicious in our Turmeric Chai & Cinnamon light ice cream.

What is Matcha?

Matcha is a form of concentrated green tea that is specially grown and processed, and is a key ingredient in our Matcha & Fudge light ice cream. To make Matcha, green tea plants are partly shade grown, and then have the stems and veins are removed during harvesting. The leaves are then processed into a finely ground powder. This concentrated powder can be dissolved in a liquid like milk or water, making it different than how most other tea is consumed.

Does Culture Republick Matcha & Fudge light ice cream have caffeine?

Yes. Matcha is a type of green tea, which contains caffeine. However, the level of Matcha in our Matcha & Fudge light ice cream is not high enough to contain any impactful amount of caffeine.


Where can I buy Culture Republick ice cream?

Check out our store locator to find flavors near you. If your local store doesn’t carry us, you can download a request form here and hand it to your store’s manager. Help us expand!

Where can I find Culture Republick coupons?

By joining our email list you will be able to see all the special deals & content we share with our fans from time to time, including coupons for Culture Republick products. Also, follow us on Instagram, where we may have a few surprises up our sleeve.


How can I contact Culture Republick for questions or comments?

We’d love to hear from you! Email us at or call us at (800) 662-0348

How does Culture Republick support local arts culture?

We pledge to use 10% of all our profits to support local arts culture. We are just getting started, so these funds will be distributed in a variety of ways as we look and find the best programs and initiatives to support. Once some of our programs get off the ground, we will publish more information. We welcome any fresh ideas, so if you have suggestions of how we can at All future charitable donations are made possible via the Unilever Foundation.

Is the art on the packs all from the same artist?

No, each pack’s artwork is specifically made by an individual artist. Each artist created their design specifically for the flavor we thought would work best with their style, so our product line has a wide range of not only flavors, but of art styles and mediums.

Are the artists who designed the packs Culture Republick employees?

No, we commissioned the artwork we use in our packs from artists outside our team.

How did we find our Culture Republick artists?

With lots of help! We wanted to focus on finding artists who aren’t quite household names just yet to help spread their art. So, to look for these undiscovered gems, we partnered with an agency to find the first series of artists for our launch line. Now, we are tapping into our network of friends and colleagues to look for the next series of up and coming artists we can work together with on the new flavors we are working on!

I love what you’re doing! Can I be a selected Culture Republick artist or recommend one to design future packs?

Shoot us a line at letting us know a little bit about yourself or of your recommendation and share some artwork so we can get a feel for the art style!

How do I purchase the Culture Republick ice cream pack artwork?

Most of our artists have some of their artwork available for sale. We greatly encourage all of our fans to visit the sites of our partner artists to see how you can purchase their fantastic work.